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Other Groups Feedback

These are the two links or the groups i gave feedback to.

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The Production Diary: part 4:Editing.

Me and John took turns in our editing of our final piece John done about 70% of the it I done the other 30%. I new this would be more productive that I be more involved in making a suitable music to fit out genre on garage band, I also contributed to the voice over.

For our title opening me and John shared the title and logo. I contributed to making of the cold storm and I choose a fancy writing originally but John and me discussed it and decided that this wasn’t best and I decided to go with his idea because of it fitting better in our 2 Minute film opening.

This was our final idea for the film title that is seen in our work.

This is our Final production Copmanpy logo that we edited with a lighting bolt flash affect. .

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Diary Of Production: Part 5: Evaluation


In what ways does your media production use, develop or challenge forms and convections of real media products?


The stock characters that we decided upon was to represent the dark thriller genre we wanted our opening to be associated with. The characters in our film opening are represented with the beginning throwing the audience straight into the action of the thriller creating uncertainty. In our thriller genre our characters that me and John thought of were vital. We have our main character dressed in black whilst a fact paced running sequence is taking place so we expect something is not right and something happens that is not normal. In our piece we wanted the audience to feel like they didn’t know what was about to happen next and create an enigma code. The settings we choose was an ally way in Chertsey behind salesman school , we also used the school for part of the running scene due to the space being available to us and wasn’t affected to use by the public so our video didn’t lose its thriller based theme. We used a non diegetic sound at the beginning of the video that portrayed the thriller genre by a low fast paced tempo. This introduces the audience slowly to our main character jumping a fence into a faced paced running sequence. The dialogue we wrote for the voice reflects the idea of the criminal under integrating into the thriller genre. The dialogue represents the idea that there is a code that the characters in the movie have to abide and the character we see at the beginning of the film isn’t the one who is saying the voice over. This is to show the audience that the story will have twist and turns throughout the rest of the film. The cloths we have to represent the thriller genre we were targeting as a group was black t-shirt and jeans on both characters in order to create negative and dark imagery that usually is seen in thrillers. Me and John wanted to incorporate the idea of a thriller into our basis for our story because we wanted to portray betrayal, injustice and criminality through the attempted murder of our main character James Cavindon The voice over tells the audience that the Job Paddy O’Brian and orders he is told have to be carried out no matter if he agrees with it or not. Overall I thought all this contributed to our video in the end working out to be a good piece of work. The music fitted very well with the story and didn’t dominate the short opening. I based our film on looking at The Departed.

How does your media production represent particular social groups?

In our Story we represent the idea of Irish terrorist as a group that follows a code by the book that they abide by with know second thoughts. We represent the idea not held by a Irish terrorist group alone but a strict code of conduct that would have fitted into the story line fine such as the Italian Mafia, Triads. All these groups are communities within themselves and live and die by the rules which they believe in and one of the lines in the voice over says “you never know who is after you”.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media production and why?

We would have a major distributor like 20th Century Fox of universal studies because we would need to backing of a successful and powerful film studio in order to promote the film to an world wide audience because of the idea of our film not having well known actors. A big name studio would be able to find an target audience which they would be able to promote our actors very which would allow the film to gain a bound with the audience. I also choose such a distrubution company because of the successes with film’s like the Titanic and Avatar which have been back to back Highest grossing movies of all time.

I would have a producer like Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg because of their knowledge and success of mainstream films over the years. Michael bay especially because he has directed such films as the Transformers series and also the war-epic Pearl Harbour. These films have both made huge amounts of money so the cold storm would be a successful because of Michael Bay having his following of fans which would appeal not just to our target audience but also fans of his films. We would use 20th Centaury Fox as our film studio and distributor for our film.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

The age category that we were targeting was 15-40 as our film is a thriller with lots of heart beating tense monuments. The film would not be suitable for anyone under the age of 15 due to the bad violence and criminality that is shown. Also the audience for our film would be people of both genders and vary with ages which are fascinated by the crime world and interested in enigma type plot’s. This is a link to our Research.

How did you attract/address your audience?

In production to our film we sure that their were links to the IRA because of one main themes of the story being set on Irish Terrorists this side on the story would appeal to the more older target audience. Also when our video starts we use the 20th Century Fox with the speed changed in our editing to build for the opening running sequence at the beginning. We also attracted our audience through the music not dominating the opening whilst fading out the audience is thrown into part of the action of the story. Such films as XXX and Fast and the Furious


What have your learnt about technologies construction this product?

I have learnt a lot about a number of different things that helped my group make our Final video piece. I have learnt that as a filmmaker you may have to film to or three or four takes of a single shot to make it editable and suitable to fit in with a cut or a fade. I also learnt that sometimes you have to re-shot certain shots due to a problem occurring such as lighting. I also learnt that Garage is friendly user especially to someone who is knew to the software and can work how to use it in a relatively short time of space.

Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I feel that I have learnt that establishing shot is important to certain Film opening such as ours. To film certain shot choices in order to give a wider variety or shots to make editing easier and also to make sure continuity errors aren’t made like our prelim task where the door is shown to have shut.

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Textual Analysis:The Departed

The film the Departed opens with the Warner Brother logo, Instead of hearing the traditional sounds that we have come to known over the years we hear the diegetic sound of the air breeze we would hear by the sea and seagulls can be heard in background which represents to Boston’s history as a port.

The films opening has black screen slide with the words Boston some years ago which shows the story is looking back at the past. Then we see a cut to a group of men attacking one which shows violence and brutality this is shown at a medium long shot. There is a voice over that comes in towards the end of the men being brutally jumped by several others which says “I don’t want to be a product of my environment but I want a my environment to be a product of me. The voice over introduces to some on going struggle in the settings of where the story is set.

The very beginning gives us the idea of Racial tensions are high when we see two police officers in a medium shot that pan’s to a group of traditional yellow American style buses. This connotes that their is a real dislike between and white and black through the volience demonstrated. There several quick cuts from the action back to fighting on the street within the background a man carry the American flag which shows patriotisms then cuts to two African American black teenage girls smiling and waving. Then is a shot of a blue bin with a the word “NO” painted on to it to suggest that this is set in a area where there are predominately white people.

Then a slow Non dietetic sound comes in of a slow-tempo guitar coming in as a overtone mixing with the voice over which doesn’t take focus and attention of what is being said in the voice over.

We see from a fade an establishing shot of Boston and we see one of the cultural background of the shipping industries. We see an Ariel view that pans across to a part of town were the voice talks about the Knights of Columbus the Catholic Organisation that is a charty. The voice over then starts to fade in “true head breakers and guinea’s”, which refers to old term for money and says in the voice over “they have control of their part of the city.

We see a character with black sunglasses panning walking across the screen whilst the camera follows him from a side-ward angle keeping a medium close up. The lighting is a darker tone from the rest of the opening two minutes to create an enigma code for this character and to introduce him a negative light. The voice over re-visit’s the idea of struggle into regards to “ 20 years ago a Irish Man couldn’t get a Job”. Throughout the pan of men walking across the screen we still here the Guitar keeping the low temple consistently throughout. This refers to the past then brings up the president in this story is Irish and showing Discrimination and Racism has been brought up again “ I have nothing against the black’s but one thing I have against them is no give a deal , you have to take it. This is trying to show a stereotype of a Black person not being a hardworking and being portrayed as lazy with the views held by some in the years prior to this part of the film.

This doesn’t show the film true colours of the story being about crime and drama because of the opening 2 minutes being bases on mostly the issue of the time of the 1960’s which was equality that was amongst races that created a divide.

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Diary Of Production : Filming : Part 3

The first day of filming went smoothly for me and John we shared the camera on every other shot during the process of filming throughout the day in regards to filming our shot choices. Everything that we planned as group that was agreed upon the storyboard we pretty much was able to film except for two or three shots so we had to go out on a couple of other occasions to acquire those shots with the camera. We had to re-film the gate where our main character James Cavindon gets shot to a different location because the setting wasn’t fitting into our genre and didn’t work in edit with the rest of our filmed work. The final shoots we needed to film were those of Paddy O’Brian when he shoots Cavindon, this one of the main we re-located the final scene to another location in order to stay true to our Plot. This was our final scene we had to film to get all the camera shots right before we could go and edit.

Also 2 days prior to filming our last scene Me and John decided upon a scene were John would act a phone conversation discussing the critical state of Agent Cavindon after he has been shot. I filmed all the shots of John on the phone and we got gave our input into what sorts we wanted. We mostly agreed on all of them and if there was anything one of us had second thoughts about we would film it twice to have both of our interpretations for choice of the final edit. This went really well because everything we shot was smoothly edited and we didn’t have to go back and re-film because of small mistakes.

This is me filming one of our shots for the re-shoot we did to improve our final piece.

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Production Diary Part 2: The Script.

Before Me and John could decide on a script that we were going to finalise and agree with the dialouge we would use for the voice over we decided upon our final location. I relised that the dialouge that we were going to use for the voice over would be better fitted if i took control of editing the script.

Logo for 20Th Centuary fades out then we see Agent Cavindon Climbing and jumping over a metal fence.


This job is never easy


(slightly worried)

You never know who is after you

Agent Cavindon runs up the steps of the bridge and along the top heading towards the over side.


You never know who you can trust

Agent Cavindon gets to the other side of the bridge runs down the steps and runs down the alley on the other side. He then starts to climb over another fence on the right side of the alley.


You have to do what you are told

Agent Cavindon gets to the other side of the second fence and runs out into a car park.


You have to kill when your asked

Agent Cavindon continues running through the car park until he reaches the exit gate.


And that’s why I shot the traitor.

SUDDENLY! Paddy O’Brian pulls out a gun and shoots Agent Cavindon as he rounds the corner.

The title of our movie then fades in from black and then fades out again to black “The Cold Storm.

Our group decided that the voice would be a good idea to make the audience think that it is from Agent Cavindon is the one who is talking. But we confuse the audience slightly because the voice over is the Villain character Paddy O’Brian. In our piece we thought of a good trick that would make this be able to pull off by having Agent Cavidon’s stop in a side view of a medium long shot then changes to a close up of his face looking around with the voice over by Paddy O’Brian “ You never know who is after you”. This enhances and as dramatic effect to agent Cavindon being shot even intense. The voice over you hear before the shot “And that’s why I shot the traitor”, makes it hard for the audience to digest what’s going on and creates great suspense before you see O’Brian attempt to end Cavidon’s life.

When John showed me part of the script I still felt it was lacking the dialogue that would make it more realistic language that would be used amongst the world this plot is set and takes part in. I said to John leave me the script and I make some changes that I fought would be suitable.

The changes I especially made were “My job is never easy”, I changed this to “This job is never easy in my line of work”. I also altered the line “You never know who you can trust” was altered to “ You never who you can trust in this business.

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Diary Of Production : Part 1 : Recce

On February 16th Me and John decided upon our Reece . Me and John had lots of different and simlar ideas of what we wanted, this included:

– Fence and a gate.

– Bridge

– Ally way

– More fences

– Second ally way

This location i had found on google maps had all the things both Me and Johnwe were looking for and after seeing the pictures I agreed for this to be where we film our production. I found this image on google maps in order to plan out were we were ganna use certian technics and a good variety of  various camera shots.

 John went to the location whilist i set the camera up on the tripod at 1.00pm just before we were about to film to plan slightly ahead in order to what the lighting is like.

As part of the Reece Me and John both wanted to include a range of Features that would fit in well to our location to fit in well with what we wanted to achieve in our filming. The shot above of the Ally worked very well for Me and John because there was enough space to work free and it was good because the place we choose wasnt to narrow. This ensured that we could freely place the camera and the tripod wherever in order to get the full potential of the variety of camera shots.

This is the bridge where our actor Johnathan Batt continues the run in our film after the jumping of the fence.

After John showed me these pictures i agreed to them for our film production.

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Prelim Task The Detective

In our Prelim task in our Media group had to do a short scene of a person entering a room and sitting on a chair with dialogue as part of a conversation takes place In our pre-production we wrote a script that had dialogue to fit the concept of Bad Cop and a confused suspect. The plot to be group’s production was integration between a police officer and a suspect. Our group’s storyboarding and production was well planned in class we were able to come up with a good storyboard but however our group could of used pre production time prior to our filming is of testing out the camera and making sure we would be able to attach the camera to the tripod in order to get accurate shots but I thought we could have improved upon this because in our shot of the suspect being brought into the room we have a canted angle and a hand held effect. After filming this we decided as a group that it be best to put this certain shot and sequence into slow motion to add to much greater dramatic effect. However the scene was way to long and it made the opening to our prelim video.

I thought the dialogue we came up with within our group worked well with the shot choices we made. In this piece our group used a slow non dietetic background sound of a high instrumental slow tempo of music. The music was a positive thing to our video because of the matrix theme tune fitted into our video creating a dramatic effect through using a slow-motion whilst the suspect is brought in my two officers with a blind fold to represent the suspect doesn’t know what happening. The slow-motion effect did over composite at times for the drama going on. When one of the detectives slowly turning into a medium long shot punching the suspect. I thought this worked in our video .The punch creates a sense of danger and drama but I thought if we would have had a close up of the person throwing the punch which was me and a close of the punch hitting the suspects face would of worked much better in our prelim video.

In our short video that we filmed we used a variety of various shots such as in the exchange of Dialogue between the Detective and the suspect sitting down at the table. We used shot reverse shot throughout the back and forth dialogue exchanges. To convey the sense of action and drama of what a real integration would be like.

We used a medium shot of the detective entering the room with the camera panning to follow the action to where the person in presence is shown to have the authority and power in this shot by focusing on him walking into the room. We could of improved this by using a possible cut to the suspects face to show either a relaxed straight or to show tension to portray some type of stress and possibly nervousness. Also a minor error we made was when the detective enters the room the door that he opens stays open and the audience doesn’t see the door being closed that creates a minor continuity error.

When the detective opens the door we had a close of his hand opening which worked well because of the shot being hand held with no wobbles in the shot being visible. Also I would of liked to improve our prelim video by having a close up of his face he enters the room when the diegetic sound is fading out. I also would of wanted to re-film this scene because of the lighting changing to a much darker tone because of filming another shoot the contrasts show because of the lighting outside changing.

During the exchange of dialogue between the detective and the suspect were a shot reverse shot it taking place I thought as group we pulled off a good close up were the detective show’s his anger and frustration because of the suspects irritation. However during this we tried and filmed a shot of the murder weapon being put on the table for dramatic purposes and to raise the audiences awareness of this key monument. However the rules of third didn’t go well but the shot reverse shot was effect in how it smoothly went together but our groups comositioning didn’t really work well. There was a lot of space that wasn’t being taken up in dead space of the shot and as a group we didn’t stick to the rule of thirds as well as we could of done. This problem was apparent when the shot was on the suspect and there was a lot of space at the top of the screen.

For our final shot as a group we decided to use a canted angle close up on the glass door and we were able to film through the door and look at the Detective as he storms out the door slamming it closed. This was extremely effect shot in our groups video. However there was a slight wobble whilst this shot was being taken.

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